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Lamezia Terme Tourist Activities

The city of Lamezia Terme serves as an important economic centre in Italy’s Calabria region. Today the city has some 71,250 citizens, a considerable number of whom look after the welfare of tourists coming to see attractions like the Malta Bastion watchtower built in 1550 by the Knights of Malta, the castle of Lamezia Terme, the Diocesan Museum and Roman as well as medieval finds and the ruins of further watchtowers dotted around the region.

The city is close to Crotone and the whole region was once occupied by ancient Rome’s empire. In 1062 a well-known Benedictine abbey, locally known as St. Eufemia, was founded in Lamezia Terme, with the settlement itself dating back to the 9th century. In 1638 the prosperous city was hit by a powerful earthquake, all but destroying the Norman castle, many of the historic monuments and the city itself, killing some 100 citizens in the process.

The origins of the Castle are still being debated by scholars but many believe that Greek colonists founded the original stronghold and today the hilltop castle and the original Greek Terina settlement are still cause for further excavations and speculations.

At Sambiase the Abbey of the 40 Martyrs is still an active abbey, having originally being founded in the 9th or 10th century. The Diocesan Museum is home to one of the most popular Lamezia Terme tourist attractions: the Arab-Norman ivory case, which dates back to the 12th century and is one of the many highlights among the displays of paintings and artefacts from 17th and 18th century artists.

Close to the district of St. Eufemia visitors can admire another of Lamezia Terme tourist attractions, namely the ruins of the Cistercian abbey of Santa Maria di Corazzo, founded in approximately 1060 and said to have been the place where Bernardino Telesio wrote many of his philosophical works in 1554.

Car hire is not a bad option, since Sambinase di Lamezia Terme is home to numerous beautiful churches and one can get a little footsore exploring them. Saint Pacrazio’s church is particularly spectacular with its Mattia Preti paintings, statues and restored frescoes.

Reggio Calabria is by far Calabria’s oldest and largest city. Blessed with panoramic sea views and beautiful beaches, the city is home to gorgeous botanical gardens and streets lined by exquisite Art Nouveau buildings. The city’s 3,000 year-old history can best be explored in the National Museum of Magna Grecia, which is proud to exhibit the world-renown Raice bronzes dating back to between 430 and 460 BC as well as other Greek and Roman artefacts. The Aragonian Castle is also a must-see in Reggio Calabria. Reggio Calabria is also home to one of two main Calbrian sea ports as well as having its own airport close by.

The word Calabria has its origins in the Greek and is taken from the Calabrian dialect. Its capital city is Catanzaro and the Calabria region borders to the east on the Ionian Sea. Just over 2 million people occupy the region, roughly situated where the Italian boot has its “toes”. Wherever one travels by hire car in Calabria, the stunning green of the sea and the mountain ranges of La Sila, Aspromonte and Pollino are ever present.

The Pollino National Park in the north belongs to the Lamezia Terme tourist attractions that do require car hire. The windswept, rugged mountains create a natural border between Calabria and the remainder of Italy and here visitors will find a very distinct flora and fauna like the Bosnian Pine, not present anywhere else in Calabria. There are wonderful dense forests ideal for hiking and, in stark contrast, bleak, nearly empty landscapes with windy plateaus, virtually devoid of vegetation and animal life.

La Sila National Park, also easily accessible by hire car from Lamezia Terme Airport, lies some 1,200 metres above sea level and covers an area of some 2,000 sqm in the centre of the Calabria region. There are dense, beautiful coniferous forests, high peaks like the Botte Donato and many lakes to explore and the area is ideal for mountain biking and hiking in summer.

Cantanzaro, the city located nearest to Lamezia Terme Airport, occupies the centre of the narrowest point of Italy, situated an almost equal distance between both the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. One of its most famous landmarks - and therefore really one of Lamezia Terme tourist attractions – is the Viaduct Morandi-Bisantis, one of Europe’s tallest one-arch bridges. Its castle, the lovely promenade along the Ionian coast and the relatively new cathedral are also highlights for tourists to explore.

With a hire car visitors can visit the many hill-top temple ruins once dedicated to Roman gods that can still be found in the Cantanzaro area. Excavations and archaeological digs are everywhere to be found. Some Lamezia Terme tourist attractions have been swept underground and are still waiting to be found!